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A family home doesn’t need to come in a standard format. A two-storey dream, this attic conversion has all the elements a great interior requires. Making the most of skylights, multi-levels, and sloping architectural features, this home designed by Ilya Eroshevich and Eugene Shilov holds a contemporary look in an unconventional location. Briefed to inject warmth and comfort into a 106sqm home complete with a large living space, two bedrooms and a bathroom, it was a challenge for the designers – but a challenge worth chasing. The result is a clean-lined, contemporary home showing off modern features the adults can enjoy and the kids can ravage. Take a peek at our house tour for yourself.


The two-storey space opens to a slanting roof – a main feature of an attic conversion. Down from white walls and thick iron railings, the living room welcomes with a teardrop fireplace as an exclamation. Concrete walls and floors hark to the industrial, while a grey mottled rug and large block sofa make grey luxurious and comfortable.

As we peek down the hall, the lounge extends to a dining room, kitchen and library – an elongated space clad in concrete. The lounge offers us a view, as pops of mustard and patterns link through to a multi-compartmented wall of books. A TV grounds one of the iron structured panels, running in a long line through the kitchen and dining rooms.

As we look to the end, a wooden wall beckons. Through its small passage an entranceway exudes white and wooden features, on the same concrete floor. A yellow abstract artwork lengthens one pillar, while an LED light strip makes a feature of a mirrored cupboard. A beanbag offers a handy place for visitors to remove shoes.

Just around the corner, the ascent to the second level begins. Light wooden stairs with matching railings are interspersed by tinted glass. Reaching the top greets the eye with walls of white holding small features, nooks and crannies for family items. Iron railings frame the balcony, looking down to the main living area.

The path down the stairs affords a closer view of the dining room and kitchen. Using the same wooden tone as the entrance’s walls, the dining table shines in varnish, seating eight distressed chairs. Three windows open out to a view and exterior balcony, while iron structural beams background two grasshopper lights in black.

A 180-degree turn shows the kitchen, minimalist yet industrial in black and darker wood. Melting in with the wall, a sleek black benchtop is complemented by hidden appliances and striking streaks of LED lighting running along its ceiling and sides. A lit kitchen inlet draws in the eye, while three stools leave room for a view.

Leading back up the stairs, tinted glass panels segue into an enclave bedroom, resplendent with a monochromatic wall aflame with horses. Wall-to-floor light-wooden panelling makes the space bright, while bedding grounds the space in muted, darker colours. A spin across the room shows a white acrylic desk, baby blue chair, potted cacti and banquet-hung cable lighting. The look is simple, minimalistic; but with a dash of quirky character.

The bathroom carries through the minimalist theme. Marble-tiled walls hold chrome amenities in an LED-lit mirror and rainforest shower head. Simple wooden benching matches a feature wall holding a towel rail, while tinted glass from the stair railings adds privacy to the shower and toilet areas. A wicker cane laundry baskets accentuates a beige space clad in a variety of natural materials.

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